exider - Experience the Future

exider - Experience the Future - April 7th


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What is the exider?

The Siemens exider train has traveled the globe drawing hundreds of people at every stop for the past 18 months, and has already visited more than 22 countries and 120 cities during its tour. The exider is due to inaugurate its 10-city U.S. tour with a show-stopping appearance on the exhibit floor at the National Industrial Automation Show in Chicago, February 23-26th.

This 1000 foot-long traveling exhibit is an exciting, interactive, technology-focused event scheduled to appear in a city near you starting early next year.

  • 14 Train Cars

  • 2 Generators

  • 1000 feet of rail road track

  • 224 plasma screens

  • 189 DVD players w/boosters

  • 56 loud speakers

  • 4 servers

  • 9 miles of electrical cable

  • 2 miles of network cable

  • 12 air conditioners

The exider is full of interesting demonstrations, some hands-on, some video. We have several videos showcasing customers who have profited from their relationship with Siemens. We encourage participation from manufacturers, contractors, engineers, integrators, OEMs, consultants and end users.

The exider has been in Great Britain, continental Europe, and Asia, and is touring the United States in 2004 with content that has been chosen specifically for the North American market. Siemens sells more of its products in the United States than in its home country of Germany, so get ready for a train of innovation that is designed just for you. When you arrive, be prepared to experience the future.

Training/Seminar Sessions: (Schedule pdf 65kb)

  • Totally Integrated Automation

  • Industrial Networking

  • Variable Frequency Drives

  • and more to be announced ...

Upcoming Dates & Locations:

  • Chicago: February 23-26

  • Atlanta: March 17-18

  • Washington DC: March 22

  • New York: March 24-25

  • Boston: March 29-30

  • Detroit: April 2

  • Houston: April 7

  • Los Angeles: May 14

  • San Francisco: May 18

  • Seattle: May 25


Date:  April 7, 2003

Time:  9:00am  - 7:00pm

Cost:  F R E E

Location: Reliant Center; Houston


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- Several flat panel TVs will be given away and one (nationwide) attendee will win a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

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For additional information on the exider call us at 1.800.413.6623

or email sales@awc-corp.com  or visit our Requests web page.